Sunday, July 6, 2008

About Me

Okay so I’ve seen this 100 list on other people’s blogs and I thought I’d use it to introduce myself.
1. My name is April.
2. My closest friends call me Ape.
3. I’ve been married since I was 18 (almost 12 years ago!) to my best friend, Steve.
4. I have 3 children- Austin, 10—Abbigail, 8—Emelie, 6.
5. I have 2 dogs- an 8 year old yellow lab, Dozer and a 1 ½ year old Pit Bull, Diego.
6. I have a little brother who is 26, a sister who is 17 and a sister who is 9.
7. My mom had me when she was 15 years old, my dad was 19.
8. My parents were married for 10 years.
9. My parents divorced when I was 9.
10. Both of my parents remarried.
11. I have a huge family.
12. I grew up in what most would consider the hills, not Beverly but the actual mountains.
13. I went to two different high schools.
14. I dated a guy in high school for 4 years and because of him:
15. I have never been to a formal dance.
16. I missed out on cheerleading.
17. I wasted my high school years worrying if I was good enough instead of having fun.
18. I learned to snowboard and I love it!
19. The best part is, I met my husband.
20. I’ve had a crush on my husband since I was 14 years old.
21. I got married well hitched, when I was 18.
22. We were married at The Wedding Grotto.
23. A woman married us; it may not even be a legal marriage? Kidding!
24. My Mom, step dad Joe, Dad, sister Megan and Steve’s parents were there.
25. I had Austin when I was 19, almost exactly a year after we got married.
26. We moved over 10 times in 10 years only because I would find something cuter. STUPID!
27. I now hate moving.
28. I’ve come to realize that I’m a bit of a pack rat.
29. I love to organize.
30. I love to thrift shop.
31. I like to scrapbook when I can find the time.
32. I like things to be clean and I like my family to helpJ
33. I love to camp.
34. I love riding bikes with my family.
35. I love to garden.
36. I don’t like change.
37. I don’t like to wait for things to happen; I like to make them happen.
38. I’m emotional at least once a month for about a week.
39. I love, love, love chocolate.
40. I love, love, love my husband.
41. I think it’s cute when my husband wears his hat backwards.
42. My family means everything to me.
43. There is never a dull moment when my family gets together.
44. Making fun of each other isn’t hurtful but expected in my family.
45. If you’re made fun of that means you’ve been accepted into our gangJ so, don’t take offense.
46. Laughter is a staple in my daily diet.
47. We’ve lived in this town for a little over a year.
48. We moved away from our family and a place we called home for over 16 years.
49. My mom lives 3 hours away and it’s sad.
50. I love my in-laws, I am blessed.
51. I am a very real person and find that I am attracted to others who are also.
52. I don’t like people who aren’t real.
53. I’ve only had a handful of best friends in my life.
54. I’m in contact with 2 of those friends.
55. I’m still close with one of those friends.

56. I worry about my brother.
57. I get mad at my brother!
58. I once made my brother believe that April and I were twins that had traded places and that I was really a princess. It went on for about a week. Very funny!
59. I love pit bulls very much.
60. I love riding dirt bikes.
61. I love riding horses.
62. I hate, hate, hate spiders, hate, hate!
63. I love Pottery Barn but own nothing from there.
64. I like to redo furniture.
65. I like to use my sewing machine.
66. I love romantic comedies.
67. I like stupid humor, Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Steve Correll etc.
68. I could be a bird watcher, but minus the politics.
69. My favorite time of day is morning before my family gets up.
70. I love the seasons.
71. I used to work at Starbucks.
72. I love coffee.
73. I used to work at Costco.
74. I love hearing my children laugh.
75. I love watching my girls as sisters and best friends.
76. I love watching my son become a fine young man.
77. I love watching my husband teach my son to be a fine young man.
78. I love to watch cage fighting with my family, some will probably think this is sick but we love it!
79. I use the word “sweet” way too often when describing pictures.
80. I love going to the movies with my family.
81. I don’t like cheese, I do like pizza.
82. I would love to live off the land.
83. I love reading historical fiction.
84. Little House on the Prairie is my favorite!
85. I am finally going to college.
86. I am working towards a bachelor’s degree in Education.
87. I work in a Kindergarten class and I love it!
88. I keep a journal for each of my children.
89. RANDOM: I have a thing for pinching buns.
90. I love buns.
91. I fear cancer.
92. I fear the people that I love dying.
93. I fear sharks, big time.
94. I like big metal stars.
95. I proudly display the American Flag.
96. I’m a conservative.
97. I support President Bush.
98. I will vote for John McCain.
99. I’m very passionate about my beliefs.
100.I believe that Jesus is the son of God and that he died for our sins.


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