Friday, September 12, 2008

AAHH! Shew, get out of here!

Friends and Family Friday took care of itself today, I had to share what happened to me with all of you and in sharing what happened leads us to meeting our cat, Marley. Marley is about 6 1/2 years old. We got his mom from my Grandma who's cat had kittens. A year later we realized that she was getting ready to have babies. Marley was the fluffiest one of the litter and he came out backwards, I had to help, so we decided to keep him, we were bonded:) Shortly after weening her kittens Marley's mom ran away never to return.
We thought Marley was a girl for quite some time, that was until we took her, I mean him to get fixed. Thank goodness we named him a name that could go both ways. It took us years to stop calling him her. He's a quiet cat whom we rarely see. I don't have to have a litter box (EEW!) which is the cherry on top as far as having a cat goes. Meme loves Marley the most out of all of us. Then I think Diego would be next, yes my sweet Pit Bull loves our cat. I've even caught him sleeping with Marley.
Now for The Real Story...

So this afternoon I was letting my dogs out the back door which is located in the laundry room. Since I was in there I went ahead and started a load of laundry. I turned around to head back into the kitchen and heard who I thought was Marley, our cat, MEOWing at me. But this sounded a little different than Marley's sound. AAHH! I screamed, turned and ran out closing the door behind me. Who the heck was that!? After realizing that it's just a cat, not my cat, but a cat that belongs to someone else and is in my laundry room sleeping in my pile of folded clean clothes! CREEPY. (To clarify just how a strange cat could get in my house at all, we have a stinkin' cat door, it came with the house.) Next, I ran outside to look to see if it was still in there, here's what I saw looking down on me...

Oh my word how creepy. I'm not really much of a cat person, I'm more of a dog person. Cat's just aren't my favorite. Ringworm, fleas, hairballs, spray, eew.

Finally I braved up knowing that I was going to need to get this thing out of my house before it went crazy and attacked me or something...So I went inside and took one more picture.

Then, after moving the dogs to the front yard, I opened the back door and shushed the stranger outside. I hope it won't be back. Please don't come back creepy kitty. EEW! It's still giving me chills.


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