Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Good Read..

I just finished a book yesterday, by my favorite author, Jane Kirkpatrick it was the last in the Change and Cherish series that she's written. Jane is a Godly woman who writes historical fiction beautifully. She's very knowledgable and to top it all off, she's a fellow Oregonian like me! I love her! Oh and people...She has a blog too! I hope she doesn't think that I'm a stalker, it seems like I'm always the first one or one of the first to leave comments on her blog:)

My point: If you are a lover of historical fiction like I am I highly recommend all of her books! You're in for a good read.

I just hate when books have to end...I feel like I'm having to say goodbye to a friend that I've just gotten to know. Jane ends her books so well though. I've never read a book twice but her's are so good I think that I'll start some of them again, some that I haven't read in a while. Do you have a favorite book that you'd like to recommend? I'm always looking for good reads.


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