Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An Urgent Prayer Request

I was in the mall today to get a haircut and was put on a waiting list so I walked around. I ended up walking by another hair salon and went in. I put my name on their list too? I had no reason to do this I already had my name on a list at the other place. After putting my name on their list I sat down near a gentleman who was talking to one of the stylists’ something about his head stone and a plot that he had bought where he will be buried. As I observed I thought that he must have a terminal disease because he’s certainly not old. He went on to say that he just can’t go on and that nothing is the same and he’s ready to end it altogether, speaking of his life, saying that he just can’t go on without his son. It was then that I started praying for this man.

I knew without a doubt that I was supposed to be sitting there if only to intercede for this man. So I prayed. The man then suddenly showed me a picture of his granddaughter which sparked conversation. He told me about his children and then about his son who had died and then he gave me the exact amount of days that his son had been gone from this earth and gave details of his death. I listened and told him that everything that he was feeling was to be expected and that I couldn't ever imagine losing a child. I also told him that I had already been praying for him and that I would continue to pray. He thanked me for listening and for praying for him and then he gave me his name, Mark. His son’s name was Russell. The stylist called his name which is when I saw the sign that said cash or check only of which I had neither…

So I got up and went back to the original place where I had my name on a list, feeling hopeful that God was beginning a work in this man’s life. When I got home I researched the accident and found that the memorial service was held at our church and was led by my pastor! This has only confirmed God’s hand in this. I know that the Lord led me to be there today to listen to this man and pray for him. He’s boldly suicidal and if nothing else needs all of our prayers, he needs God’s intervention which I believe has already begun. I have informed my pastor of the happenings and look forward to seeing God work in this man's life. If and when you think of this man please lift him and his family up in prayer. He needs God's hope.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13


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