Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is Here & Ten on Tuesday

Isn't it interesting that, during the trials and tribulations of life we find kinship?
We find that we are more alike than we are different...I think that hard times unveil the persona that so many try to impress with during the good times...Just a thought though.
So, its Spring.  A time when all things begin anew.  I need Spring, I need the sun to shine even during the rain, don't you?
The mud and muck that is outside and all around my house is a perfect representation of what life seemed to be like this winter. 
Well, stick a fork in me cause I'm DONE!
Its time for Spring cleaning, no more of this crizap!  I'm over it, ready to pick myself up and begin anew!
4-H piggies are coming on Friday...They are so darn cute (even though I'm not supposed to say that:).  We got three this year so Meme is going to raise one too! I'll show pictures of the little sweet pig's this weekend...♥

My first 10 on Tuesday

1. What condiments are always, always in your fridge?

Ketchup, Miracle Whip, Mustard, relish, jalape√Īo’s, Ranch & Italian dressing.

2. How do you like your steak cooked? Your burgers?

I’m not a huge steak eater, but if and when I do eat it I like it medium/well. My burgers I like Done-done! It grosses me out to see any pink in burger!

3. What’s your favorite use for fresh tomatoes?

Fresh salsa!

4. What’s your go-to dinner when you haven’t planned anything in advance and you don’t feel like going out?

I feel like all my dinners work out this way! I have come to hate making dinner…So I have a list for this sort of night: Taco’s, Chili, Chicken something, Spaghetti, Taco Soup, Chicken n’ Dumplings. I’ll stop there…

5. What’s your favorite snack food lately?

Well, since my lovely aunt is in town *EHEM* chocolate. I love cereal as a snack though, usually while watching a show at night, which works out so well for my booty! Not at all!!

6. What’s your favorite weekend breakfast to make at home?

Although I can make a mean breakfast, Steve is the breakfast man. Biscuits and gravy is my favorite…

7. What’s your favorite thing to grill? How do you do it?

I would say chicken, seasoned with Lime Pepper Seasoning (YUM!).

8. What’s your favorite wine for under $10? If you’re not a wine person, what brand of beer is your favorite?

I’m not a big wine drinker, but there is a wine that I love that you can get at Trader Joe’s. I think its around $8? Its called “Lambrusco Dell’Emilia Bianco” or White Lambrusco. So yummy!

9. Give us your most delicious cocktail recipe.

Don’t really have one….

10. How do you like your eggs?

Over medium with hashbrowns and toast, or scrambled.

Join 10 on Tuesday its so fun!


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