Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Living in a log cabin for the past couple of years has sort of curbed my decorating style.  Not that my style has changed but its been hindered.  There's only so much you can do with log walls...the cabin or lodge decorating style just ISN"T me at all!  So I've made do, making some sacrifices here and there. 

But, we are moving soon, so I think this would be the perfect time to get back to the things I Love!
I love distressed whites, turquoise, silver, greens, glass knobs, sea glass, all mixed with burlap, lace and twine:) I love mixing whites with rustic pieces, galvanized metal or a rusty tin can. 
Oh, to dream of the day...

In my dreams I might have a living room that looked like this...

Ha!  This makes me laugh, I could never actually have this living room, those beautiful, white, slipcovers would be so filthy from the animals I live with (and I'm not just talking about the dogs!) *hehe*
But oh, how I do love this look, so fresh and beautiful!

Oh hi there! Welcome to my home, come on in...

 I'm in the kitchen, let me make you some cookies...

 Aw, this old thing...I've had it forever. 

Here, take a seat, the cookies are done.  Would you like a cup of coffee? 
(By the way this table is just what I'm looking for...stay tuned because I will find it and make it mine:)
Hope you were as inspired as myself by these beautiful pictures!  Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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