Thursday, February 20, 2014

How Important is Branding Your Business?

How important is branding?  The answer: very.
In his article The Breakdown of Branding Your Creative Business, Tim from >>Handmadeology<< says, branding is like a person's fingerprint. It shows your customer's who and what you are.

Postcards by Vistaprint

Branding for an Etsy shop includes packaging, FB page headers, Etsy shop banners, Blog headers and business cards to name a few.  Above is the postcard I recently designed on Vistaprint.  It will go out with all of my orders.  On the back is a thank you note and QR code that links to Takin' Time on Facebook. 

I also just recently ordered an AWESOME stamp from {SHOUT OUT} >>The Stationery Boutique on Etsy<<, I cannot tell you how much I love this stamp!  It is perfect for stamping the outside of my packages.  I definitely recommend checking her shop out ASAP!! She is very affordable, and has adorable business card stamps!  
*On a side note, after following her on Instagram, can I just say that the girl can rock unbelievable Yoga handstands!  Holy. Cow! I think we would be great friends...hehe!

{BTW Check out her branding~LOVE IT!}

I am always looking for ways to improve my branding.  I want it to represent both my business, and my personality.  I also want my branding to reflect the love and hard work that goes into everything I sell. Branding not only creates value,it separates you from your competition. A strong brand is crucial to the success of your business. 

Listen, I realize that not everyone can afford to go crazy with branding at first, and that is perfectly normal, and ok.  Get creative! In fact, I think that DIY (done right), creative branding is way more appealing anyway, but that's just my opinion...

People,there is a plethora {that's right, I said, "plethora"} of creative DIY branding options out there, you have no excuses not to work on improving your brand.  One free tool that I can think of is Picmonkey.  Picmonkey is an awesome free editing program where you can create and edit just about anything!  From business cards, tags, coupons, stickers, Etsy and Facebook banners, you name it!  
To get you started on branding your business here are some great DIY branding articles,  from Oh My! Handmade Goodness,

Now get to it! 
Love, April Dawn


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