Wednesday, July 30, 2008

'Fro Me To You...HAHAHA!

Has anyone ever seen the movie ZOOLANDER with Ben Stiller? Very funny flick, one of our favorites. Anyway Ben Stiller is a model in the movie and his trademark look is named, BLUE STEEL. My husband does the look every now and then and I wanted him to do it for me one day, just being silly, okay totally stupid....
So here I am saying to Steve, "Come on honey, do the Blue Steel, please do the Blue Steel." You see this smile, this is the excited smile. I had it when we walked into Disney Land and I have it getting ready to see Steve do BLUE STEEL...I told you it just doesn't take much to entertain me.

And then he's like, "let's both do it and I'll take a picture." "Okay" says I...

Then he says, "Okay now I'll take your picture..." So here I am trying my darndest to pooch my lips together but I'm laughing too hard. PRETTY! Scary that is even I just got chills. PLEASE NOTE: REMEMBER THIS LOOK, now you know what I look like when I write, "HEHE" in a post this is it. HEHE!

"Hold on, hold on, let me try again..." I say as I take off the glasses and try to compose myself still looking really good. Wow are we dorks or what!?

This post is 'Fro me to all of you thanks for allowing me to share it! Go ahead and laugh, as you can see I sure am! Holy I going to regret this post? YIKES!

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