Friday, September 5, 2008

Friends and Family Friday!

Smoochin' my boy^
Diego in July with Dozer in the background: Brother's from other Mother's:)^

My Very Own Dog: Diego

AKA Dego-Degs, AKA Puppy Pups, AKA Thweet Peet Bool.

American Pit Bull Terrier

My sweet Diego is the first dog that I, myself, have ever trained and raised. It was love at first sight, but I never thought he'd ever be mine to keep. Steve wouldn't have it, his answer was absolutely no more animals, especially a dog. I mean we already had one dog, Dozer. We also had two guinea pigs, a cat and three kids. That's a small farm to begin with folks!

So when Sean was insisting that he wanted us to have Diego I kept saying, no, no, no. While Steve was behind me saying in a deeper more serious voice, NO! NO! NO WAY! ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Steve was against it from the get go, and so was our dog Dozer. They both eventually changed their mind when Diego came for a visit and never left. No doubt the work of my brother:) Diego loved Steve and Dozer all along even when they were mean to him, he cuddled up and loved. If he wasn't sleeping with Steve, he was cuddled up with Dozer or one of the kids.

Oh look here Steve is again with the puppy that he hated so much! I'm not buyin' it.

I literally found them like this every night. Steve talks a big game but I caught him in the act! He's always secretly loved him, I just know it.The puppy days were hard, I hid a lot of Diego messes and mishaps from Steve (hey, I didn't want his dislike to be justified!). You know the chewed up flip flops, pool (yes, unfortunately I said pool), shoes, brushes, binoculars (writing this isn't easy:) and there was probably more. (YIKES!)

But, the puppy days are over, thank goodness! It's been two years now and we couldn't love him more, even Steve loves him or at least admits to liking him now.

Diego's hobbies include:

  1. Sleeping with Dozer and the kids and me if he can get away with it when Steve leaves early for work. Please don't judge I realize it's sort of sick that we allow a dog in our beds but hey things could be worse.

  2. Playing football with Austin (I'm not kidding) He loves to play football!

  3. Playing with the girls in the yard even if it means just laying near them he's happy. Wherever the kids are that's where you can find Diego.

  4. Occasionally eating things that he's not suppose to. (Don't tell Steve)

Everyone who meets Diego gets over their fear of the fact that he's a pit bull and falls in love. They always comment on how pretty and sweet that he is and then I smile proudly of course because he's part of my family after all:) I hope you enjoyed meeting him too! Thanks for allowing me to share on this Friends and Family Friday!


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