Monday, September 1, 2008

Wow do I feel Fall in the air here today. I'm actually starting to get into Fall mode since school starts this week for us, I go back to work and my A/C isn't being used! It's a bitter sweet season change for me. It was a good summer though, one that just went by way too fast. September always feels like the beginning of a new year for me. I want to savor this Fall season, time is just flying by and I hate it!

Maybe I'll make a stew and cornbread tonight to kick off Fall on a warm and cozy foot. (MMM...)

To me,

Fall is crock-pot meals, soups and stews.

Candles burning bringing smells of pumpkin, spiced apples and cinnamon.

Fall is going to the pumpkin patch to buy a pumpkin or five.

Fall is orange, gold, green and brown.

It's sunflowers, leaves, scarecrows and mums.

Fall is warm, smells sweet and brings comfort with a cold chill in the air.

I already received my invitation to the Christmas bazaar with a deadline for sign-up on September 30! Any ideas of what I should sell. Last year I did a bake sale where my sister-in-law and I baked everything ourselves. The year before that I made beaded snowflake ornaments and Christmas cards. If you have any suggestions for what I should do this year, I'd love to hear 'em!


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