Sunday, August 31, 2008

San Francisco and goodbye's

Three days full of shameless self portraits, walking for miles, death wish city bus drivers, getting lost, and pee your pants kinds of laughter oh and donuts?!. I wouldn't have wished it to be any other way. I'm back from San Francisco and I had a grand ol' time! Of course I did, I was with my mom, my best friend!

We made the absolute most of our time too! The wharf, Haight Ashbury, Lombard Street (the crookedest in America), China town, the metro system (SCARY!)and of course the beach. Very good times indeed!

It was a trip that I will never forget, a memory to be held in my heart forever. I love my mother so very much. Hold on, I'm already teary, give me a minute...Okay. I'm good:()

I've told you all before that I've lived away from my mom now for going on two years. I should get over it already! It never ceases to amaze me that I just can't! The more days we spend together the worse the goodbye's are. Before she even left my drive way I was filled with tears hoping she couldn't tell. As I was waving and giving my best smile without doing the cry frown, you know the one. The final wave before she's out of sight and I was in the house balling my eyes out! My girls watching me, not worried because they know the drill by now. My Meme said, "Mommy, why can't we just move back by Grandma?" "You could see her everyday then." If only Meme, if only...I haven't talked to her on the phone yet because I'm still recovering. She must be too because I'm not the only one who hasn't called.
It doesn't help that Aunt Flo's in town making me a big fat cry baby (haha!)

Let's move on shall we:) Here's some more of our horrible self portraits amongst some of the sights that we saw...

We stayed in a beautiful boutique hotel, Galleria Park. They upgraded us to one of their beautiful suites as a gift for my birthday! Here's some pic's of that...

The Conservatory of Flowers. This was fun but very humid. So our hair got curly and frizzy and our make up was long gone! We were laughing really hard because we were both frizzy haired and sweating. You had to be there it was funny:) There was also a butterfly exhibit that was, well, it was scary because I have a bit of a fear of moth like creatures. Meme would have been in heaven, so I endured and took lots of pictures for her, my sweet nature girl:)

Lombard Street was gorgeous and certainly the crookedest street I've ever seen...This is a picture looking up at the street, we had to hoof it. Yes, we walked the entire way up from here.
Almost there...

Looking down from the top of Lombard Street, a very Crooked Street indeed! You can see from here where we started out wayyyy up on the other end. Holy Caloly!

Lombard Street was our last stop of our last day there. We didn't make it to Alcatraz because it was sold out, although we did see it from a distance. San Francisco was a beautiful city full of crazy drivers ( & I mean crazy) and even crazier bus drivers I think they actually have a death wish or something. I'll take small town living to big city life any day of the week. But visiting was so much fun! I will definitely go back with my mom someday and hey let's take Steve with us too!

Self portrait on top of Lombard Street. I love my beautiful Mom!


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