Wednesday, October 8, 2008

5 Things MEME Tag...

I have been tagged for the first time in my bloggin’ career!
(Picture me doing the flash dance-dance right now singin’,
“I’m so excited, that I just can’t hide it….)
My friend from The Spices of Life tagged me, thank you my friend:) It doesn’t take much for me to do a little dance.

Back to the tag, it’s a 5 Things MEME tag. So here it is five things about me. I’m drawing a blank and so I’ve asked my husband for some ideas of what I could write. Ya want to know what he’s come up with.

He says that:
1. Secretly I think that I’m the best driver out there. I even believe that I could successfully drive NASCAR.
2. I’m a closet Hillbilly, but I’d prefer to be called Tar Heel.
He tried to continue with in depth explanations but at this point I stopped him because clearly he was under the impression that this was a great time to tell me what he really thinks.

My turn…
1. I love thrift shopping!
2. I would love to have a small farm someday with horses, chickens and cows.
3. When asked I’ve always said that blue was my favorite color, but really I tend to be more attracted to blacks, reds and greens.
4. I love to decorate and create things.
5. I guess Steve's kind of right about his two things about me...In my own way.

Now it's your turn, I hope you do participate. Tag your it!


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