Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Good Day

Fall is in full swing around here. It drizzled today which, suprisingly, I didn't mind. It reminds me of my childhood. Everyday between Fall and Spring was a drizzily, wet day where I grew up. It didn't matter we still played outside until dark. I have very few memories of playing inside the house. I wish the time and place were the same for my kids.

I did a little fall cleaning outside, sweeping up the leaves and walnut shells (they're shells rather than nuts because we run them over) that have fallen from the walnut tree. I really want to go out and cut some oak tree and maple tree branches to use as fall decor. Maybe later this week when I get a minute, if that'll ever happen...Yeah right!

I also, finally, got to go and pick up our McCain-Palin yard sign and bumper sticker. I'm not usually a bumper sticker kind of gal but ya gotta represent! I was very excited, it's been a good day...


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