Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Sweet, Sweet Birthday Girl!

^Meme with Rocky Rocket the guinea pig~4 years old and just too darn cute!

^My sweet girl, 4 years old still cute!

^4 years old

^5 years old ^5 years old (My little fairy princess)
^My Meme tonight getting ready to blow her candles out...7 of them!

She's my baby, my sweet girl,
the youngest of my three.

She's the one that just can't grow up,
because it's too sad for me.
"Stay little forever," I say to her.
She smiles to sweetly say,
"I'll never leave you Mommy, now can I go out to play?"
My little girl who thinks of others
with the sweetest heart I know.
My little girl who's sweetest heart
does surely seem to glow.
She growing up right in front of me
and it is the most beautiful sight.
She growing up, but it's fine you see
she shines with God's great light.
Thank you Lord for this gift that you have given me,
My Emelie, my sweet, sweet girl fills my heart with glee.
I will love you forever and ever and always.
Love, Mommy
Happy Birthday my critter lovin', sweet, hilarious, beautiful, little amazing girl. You bring me joy and laughter every single day! My prayer for you is that you would continue to grow to be a beautiful, amazing woman of God fulfilled and joyous all the days of your life!


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