Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Modern Day Depression

As I'm sure all of you have been, I've been hearing the word "DEPRESSION" a lot lately. "We're in a depression" they say. What a scary time. Steve and I have many friends who are either in foreclosure or facing it, those who are filing bankruptcy, friends also who are losing their jobs or out of work completely. These certainly are scary times.

When I hear the word depression, I think of the Great Depression. I think of sad people with dirty faces and fingerless gloves, bread crumbs and garbage scattered on desolate streets. Times have changed since the time of the Great Depression but we truly are currently in a sort of modern day depression and it's strange and frightening for so many of us.

The picture above is a picture from the actual Great Depression but I think it could also be a visual of how many of us are beginning to feel inside heading into our own financial turmoil. Deep in thought of how we're going to continue to provide for and take care of our families.

We are a horribly spoiled nation. We have so many THINGS, too many things, that we absolutely could live without but somehow feel that we can't. Game consoles galore, digital cable, high speed Internet, 2 and 3 cars each, huge houses, toys, cell phones, and the list goes on an on...How are we going to get ourselves out of this depression that we've created? When we do get through it, will we be better for it?

I know that God is the ultimate provider and I believe we will get through this but we are required to play a part in God's plan in providing for us. Steve and I have been racking our brains and making lists of things that we need to cut out of our lives, ways for us to save money.

This is a crucial time for prayer and even thankfulness in all of our lives. Prayer for our leaders and prayer for our nation of people overall. People are losing hope in these desperate times, they're going as far as killing themselves due to their hopelessness. We need to pray. I will be praying. God Bless you and keep you.


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