Saturday, October 18, 2008

From Mountain Men to Gallyvantin' Girls

These pictures were taken 5 years ago!

They are at this very place right now hunting, isn't it beautiful?!

My Sweet Bubba @ Five. Years. Old...How can it be that he's almost 11 now!

My boys left this morning. For the BIG HUNT, elk hunting that is. They were amped at 3:30 am this morning! I got up with them and helped Steve remember all that they needed. Making sure that they had more than they would need. I did the typical, or at least I think it's typical, Mommy/wife thing and cried when they left & worried about all that COULD happen. You know when you think of all the most horrible things. Then I prayed and prayed some more then I fell asleep at peace, knowing that the Lord will indeed look after my loves.

On a happy note, the girls and I have been GIRLY-GIRLIN' All. Day. Long! Gallyvantin' is what we were doing. Gallyvantin' indeed.

Shopping, eating, snacking, veggin' and the night's not even over. Fun, Fun, Fun!


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