Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I spent almost $40 dollars at the Goodwill today!

Forty. Dollars.

I'm not a spender. I'm frugal, some call it cheap. I call it thrifty chic. I always, always feel guilty, I usually try to keep my excursions to the Goodwill, or as I call it "Goodies", to $20 and under. Today, I knew I was getting a great deal on everything that I was buying but I still felt guilty.

The sad thing is, right before we went into the Goodwill, we drove around back to drop off

3 bags of clothes that I had been saving. You know, for a garage sale!

The Flylady tells ya that it's best to give rather than to save & collect...

So I've taken her advice and I'm saving no more.

Unless of course I can sell it and make money. Seriously, no more, I hope.

Abbie-Dabs has a costume party to attend on Saturday and she's going as a scarecrow. SO we found some garb for that. Then, Bubba got crazy at the Goodwill and decided to look for a costume. So, he's going as a nerd and the Meem's found some cat attire, so she's going as a cat. DONE! (Stay tuned for the upcoming pics of these cute costumes!)

Plus, I found an adorable jacket for Dabs and a couple hats for Steve and Bubba. I guess it was a good day for us at the Goodwill even though we came home with more than we dropped off! (Sad!) GOODWILL ROCKS!

Spent money. Feel bad. Made cookies. Eating the cookies. Feeding the guilt.

I need help!


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