Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not me! Monday Hurray!

Click on the above link to read more Not me! Monday posts. You know the phrase you use when you pass gas and your husband says "Was that you!?" and you reply, "What? Not me!" But come on people, you and I both know that it actually WAS!
Let's get started, shall we...
· My kids were not late to the bus first thing last Monday morning, partly due to Mommy waking up late, partly due to Mommy being on the computer the night before until past midnight because she was waiting for MckMama to post her Not Me! Only to find that MckMama didn’t post until the next morning!

· I did not make my daughter sob last Monday morning while I brushed her hair as if I were brushing a horse’s tail.

· As my kids were running like mad out the door so they wouldn’t miss the bus, I did not just then realize that my son decided to wear shorts on this 30 something degree morning. I am not worried that the school may turn me in for that! Bad Mommy!!

· I did not more than just help my son with his HUGE report on the wonderful state of TEXAS. While not helping him I did not totally re-do his maps and keys to those maps and I most certainly did not go in and add fine details to the written portion of that report. That wouldn’t be right. That would be like, cheating or something…What kind of mother do you think I am!?

· I did not eat cookies in bed and get bloggy wit it on Saturday night while the girls watched a movie in their room, and Bubba and his friend watched a movie in the living room.

· I did not yell at my kids while trying to take Christmas card pictures. That would be mean. Talk about taking away good time memories, or would that actually be something that they will remember?

· I did not let my son stay up until 11 pm to watch Survivor the Finale! That would be bad for his health, he’s only 11!!
I have not felt like I was going crazy all week, and I do not feel guilty for it.
Thanks for listening to all the things that I so did not do because I'm a perfect mother, wife, homemaker, and friend. Perfect I tell you...NOT!


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