Monday, December 29, 2008

Looks of Steel!

It's been Christmas break and we've been on the go. Steve and I went on a date which was much needed:) and we've been swapping kids back and forth with some of our good friends. Oh yeah and Steve and I have been working out! Working. Out. Which was our Christmas gift to each other...a gym membership! It's been a wonderful Christmas break, but I've been totally neglecting my little blog...So I thought I'd show you some love by throwing some of the Blue Steel that we've captured this past week.

Shauna and I doing...Blue Steel. I doctored this one up a bit with Photoshop:)

My dad doing Blue Steel? Hmmmm? Good try Dad, but not quite.

Steve and Chris doing Blue Steel. Good job boys!

And lastly, how cute are they? Shauna and Chris doing Blue Steel!


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