Sunday, January 4, 2009

You'd Better Watch Out!

So I guess I'm sort of in the after Christmas bloggy funk, not that I'm depressed, I'm not at all feeling that way. Just wantin' to relax a bit before school starts again for me and the kids, but I've been feeling guilty about relaxing.

I think, overall, I've been putting too much pressure on myself to get things done, mixed with coming down from the high of the Christmas season, mixed with Aunt Flo' threatening to visit soon. "You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I'm tellin' you why. Aunty Flo is coming to town!"

I know she's coming because I'm extremely irritated with my husband and that's always a sure sign! Poor guy, he hasn't even done anything wrong, at least in the real world. In my world however, he was chomping his popcorn way too loud, stirring his hot chocolate way too long, and holding onto his Skip Bo cards way too tight! I mean really can he cut it out already! I mean, seriously?!

Dearest Aunt Flo,

I don't know a nice way to say this so I'll just tell it straight up...I don't like you, I never have. In fact, you tick me off a bit. When you're around I'm never able to be myself no matter how hard I try. I become irritable, snappy, and well, psycho. Not to mention that I feel like I gain 10 pounds whenever you're here, most likely due to the access of chocolate that I can't stay away from. You drain me, make me want to sleep for hours at a time, and because of all of these things I usually end up breaking out with a blemish or two, as if I'm 14 years old or something! Don't even get me started on what you do to my marriage and how you basically bring it to it's breaking point every visit. Never the less I know you'll come anyhow, even though your not welcome...So, I'll see you soon!

Love, Me


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