Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Click on the above link for tons of Not me! posts brought to you by My Charming Kids that will crack you up and make you feel like you may actually be normal...
Here are mine this week...
  • I did not get poison oak, on my face no less, from a branch that didn’t even have leaves; it looked like a dead shrub or something for goodness sake!
  • Steve did not get the very same poison oak, from me, on his arm. BAD! EEW!
  • I did not wash 3 loads of laundry that were nothing but my girls’ clothes! That would mean that I haven’t done laundry in while, and I’m sooo on top of my laundry…Always!
  • I am not giddy right now because by a miracle from the Lord I am #1 on the list this week,
  • I’m so not doing a dance right now! Wooo-Hooo! **ahem**
  • I did not spend almost $40 at Goodwill yesterday! That would be CRAZY!
  • I did not go back to Goodwill this evening to see if there was anything I may have missed, and it didn't turn out that oops! there was:)
  • I am not looking forward to a fresh start to a new year.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


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