Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Working Out & Eating Right

Why is it that when you decide to start eating better, a diet maybe, you all of the sudden have an extreme craving for anything that has sugar in it. I blame the devil!

Steve and I have been working out now going on two weeks! I realized that I was a bit unrealistic when looking in the mirror after a shower the other morning, I was actually expecting to see a bikini body, something that I've never seen before? HAHAHAHA! EEWW! No bikini body was looking back at me, however. Same body that I've seen all along, even before working out for a WHOLE ENTIRE WEEK! I actually laughed out loud at what I was doing. I guess because I haven't worked out consistently for years, working out for a week was a big deal to me. I'm over it.

And...I'm cravin' chocolate like a maniac! Luckily I have none, I don't even have hot chocolate, or even cereal to snack on. So I'm drinking water, which is something that I really don't do enough of, so it's a good thing. All I want is to strengthen, tighten, lift in certain area's (*ahem*booty), and energize. Lord help me!


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