Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Very Own Animal Kingdom

Of course ya'll know my sweet Peet Bool puppy (he's two) Diego aka Dego-Degs!

Our cat 7 year old cat Marley, I delivered him, he was breech. Yes, I'm a cat midwife!

Our almost 9 year old Lab Dozer aka Dozer Roze!

Our rat Ritz. He's creepy and sweet. I just don't like to touch his tail. When I was taking pictures of him, I squealed a few times when he got close to the lens. But he's really nice, in a creepy rat sort of way.

While browsing the "people I follow" this meme caught my eye brought to us by Our Little Tongginator's blog. I wasn't tagged, and don't worry I won't tag any of you. I've actually changed the questions a little. I just thought it would be a fun way to tell you some of my ridiculous animal stories, and I know you've been at the edge of your seat just dying to ask me questions such as these! I have an unusual amount of animal stories. :) I don't know what it is about my family we have a weird vibe that um, well, attracts strange animal encounters.

What is the first pet you remember?
The first animal I remember is our Springer Spaniel, Reject. Yes, her name was Reject. This is strange to me now, but back then when I was around 4 years old, it was just a name. I had no idea what it meant, or that it was very strange and Redneck to have a dog with a name like Reject!

How many different kinds of pets have you owned?
This is a tough one, let me see here. Kinds of pets right? Not how many pets? Okay, kinds of pets. I think 11. Here's my list:

  1. Dogs
  2. cats
  3. Horses
  4. A goat
  5. sheep
  6. guinea pigs
  7. rabbits
  8. A parakeet
  9. chickens
  10. rats
  11. a spotted owl (shhhh! And if you're some sort of environmental, earth worshipping, tree huggin' hippy, don't bother saying a word. A-thank you)

What was your strangest pet?
I know you thought I'd say the spotted owl, but no, the goat was by far the strangest. Her name was Daisy and she was a pygmy goat. She was evil I tell you, EVIL! I think goats are evil though, with those scary eyes and demonic horns. Anyway Daisy was yet another one of Steve's bright ideas. He figured since we lived on 11 acres, gee we needed a goat. Are you kidding me!
Daisy once tried to jump, JUMP, through our front room window. She was apparently ticked off that I wouldn't let her inside. You see, she refused to live in the field like a normal farm animal. No, no, she just had to live on our front porch. EVIL!
One day, like a miracle from heaven, Steve called from work and said a nice Latino family was interested in taking Daisy and, how do I say this, eat her for dinner. Sad I know, but they said she was the best goat they'd ever eaten. They even offered us the head! We kindly said, "No thank you." "Where's Daisy Mommy?" "In taco hell *ehem*heaven honey..."

Your best/funniest/scariest pet story?
Like I said, I really have many. Like the time Birdis (our parakeet) perched himself on top of my little brother's head of curls while Sean ran around the house screaming and crying for help. Birdis didn't move, he just stayed perched the entire trip. HILARIOUS!
No, that's not my story. My story is the time that my brother and I went up into the mountains with our Aunt and Uncle and their kids. I think they were scouting elk or something. Anyway, we were hiking up this butte and when we finally reached the top there were wild cows among us. Yes, wild, free-range cattle. A huge herd of them. My uncle thought he'd be funny by taunting this herd of cattle, and it was really starting to tick them off. I knew this because they gathered together with a definite cow leader in the front, doing the kicking dirt thing you see at the bull fights. But this wasn't a bull like you'd think, their leader was a COW.
All of the sudden, with what looked like a signal from their leader they ALL started running towards us in STAMPEDE fashion. I grabbed my brother and we ran for our lives, the others ran too. I just knew these cows were going to be the death of us. They were mooing and running to their full capacity. Sean and I were looking for a tree to climb to no avail. Some where along the line the cows finally stopped chasing, but we didn't realize that until we were safely back to the truck. I've had a slight fear of cows ever since.

What was your favorite pet?
Well I loved my horses very much, but as far as pet-pet, I would have to say my pit bull Dego degs is my very favorite pet, oh sad~Dozer's awesome too! Growing up however, Odie, our blue heeler is hands down the best pet I've ever had (again, besides Diego and Dozer too!:) He was amazing! He'd walk us to the bus stop every morning, and was there to pick us up every afternoon. He'd help my brother and I bring in wood during our chores, and when it was time for us to come home, my dad would send Odie to come find us and we knew that meant it was time to go. He was a country version of Lassie only better:)

I love love animals! Do you have any animal stories? No, that doesn't mean stories about your kids, nice try though! I want domestic animal stories, not Wild animal's. HARHARHAR!


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