Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Friends and Family Friday! My Sweet Boy...

Then- This was his very first day of Kindergarten:( and...now I'm crying:(

I haven't done a Friends and Family Friday in a while now, so I thought I'd bring it back.

Today I proudly want to introduce you to my son Austin, or as he's known around our house,"Bubba" or "BubRub" or "Austy" or "Fish" and for some reason the list goes on.

When I was pregnant with my first child, we didn't want to find out if it was a girl or a boy, but I was now a mom, so of course I knew...it was a girl! "Trust me Steve, mom's know."
Well, my intuition was oh so wrong, it was a boy! I couldn't have been happier. He held my heart from day one. I've been taken ever since. Its not easy these days, realizing that my little boy is growing up, turning into a young man. Adolescence is knocking on the door, and I don't want to answer. "Stay away!" I holler, but the knock is getting louder and louder. Doesn't it know that this is my little boy, and I want him to stay that way?
5 years old

However, I couldn't be more proud of my young man. He is simply amazing! He is a handsome, smart, funny, strong, athletic, sensitive, amazing, wonderful, sweet boy! I am truly blessed!
Football Last year, 10 years old
My sweet boy is going into middle school this year, *screaming inside*. In fact we sign him up today...Where did those year go to? When he was little, I used to tell him that I could make it so he stops growing, and he'd say, "Pleeeeez let me grow Mommy"As a parent, its so hard knowing that you can never get those times back. That's when you pray that you've done the best job possible so far, and that your children will forgive (or forget) the mistakes you've made thus far. I love you Austin, with all of my heart! I am so very proud of who you are, and all that you do.

Now- Just the other day at the river...11, almost 12 years old!


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