Monday, December 21, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Wow! Its been way too long since I've participated in this fun event, I'm so excited...

Welcome to

  • I am NOT sitting here with a towel on my head, in red sweats and cowboy boots. I'm ready for the day in my Sunday's Monday's best of course...

  • I did NOT go outside to feed the horses this morning looking like this. I wouldn't consider it!

  • I did NOT get hay all in, around, and down my red sweats.

  • I did NOT reach down my sweats to get the hay out, while outside. That would be simply shameful!
  • My sink is NOT full of dishes right now. I wouldn't have been able to sleep last night by golly, knowing dishes were begging to be washed...

  • Our well did NOT go almost dry on Saturday due to an irresponsible neighbor who thought he could leave his hose on all night and day. He would certainly have more common sense than that!

  • I was NOT going to try to use the well thing as an excuse for my dishes NOT filling my sink right now. I would never!

  • I do NOT have company coming in just a few short days, and still have tons of stuff to finish before then, including Christmas shopping. That would mean I'm behind, and I'm never behind.

  • Oh yeah, I do NOT have a huge hematoma (sp), *ehem* blemish on my chin, that my brother asked (to be mean by the way) if it was a spider bite! Seriously, am I 14?! 
  • It was not the kind that you felt before you saw, and you wanted to try to stop it from coming so you try everything you "heard" will work on those suckers, but it doesn't so you....pick. EW! 
  • But I do NOT do any of those things, I'm smarter than that, I don't even get 'em, thank goodness.

Merry Christmas everybody! XOXO


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