Friday, December 17, 2010

I Won the Loot!

So I was at Wally-Marte' with my true love the night before last, in line, and my phone told me I had a message.  I had nothing better to do so, standing there, still waiting for the lady in front of us, I checked to see who it was...And it was a message from one of the Funky Junk Sisters, Dixie, telling me that I won the loot from the Day 9 giveaway! 
There I was, as if I had won the lottery doin' a happy dance in line with Steve looking at me, smiling, and waiting form me to stop dancing to tell him what was going on. 
"I won, I won, I won..." (still dancing).

 Check out what I've won and visit Junk Salvation here >Junk Salvation by FJS (Funky Junk Sisters)

Here's some peaks at our tree, its so HUGE that I've had a very hard time getting a good enough picture to show you.  I've used brown and red burlap for bows, mistletoe for a little some-some extra (wink)glass door knobs, antique key hole plates, along with our other ornaments.

Getting a tree has helped me get into the season a bit more.  This tree is around 10 feet tall, so you definitely can't miss it:)  Merry Christmas everyone♥


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