Friday, January 7, 2011

I Didn't Do It

Remember Not Me Monday's!?  I ♥ Not Me Monday's & I miss them somethin' fierce!  In fact I love to go back and read my old Not Me! Monday posts, they bring back hilarious memories.  This is I Didn't Do It Friday...I can do that, right?  For those of you who don't know, I'm basically confessing to things that did happen, but I'm denying them to the end...Shhhh!

  • On our way to take Bub to school, I didn’t gas it a little and say, “It looks icy; I think we should test the roads.” Only to stomp the brakes and have Diego and my coffee go flying through the cab! That would be stupid and irresponsible.

  • Bubba didn’t then look at me with an, “Are you ok (as in mentally)?” look on his face. He didn’t proceed to say with a nervous chuckle, “Wow.” He knows I’m totally normal, so that wouldn’t have happened…

  • While checking on Diego, I didn’t look back and realize that Meme forgot her lunch.  I was wearing no makeup, my workout pants which are carelessly cut into capri’s no less (which were now soiled with coffee as if I’d wet myself), old worn out flip flops and a hoodie with my hair as high as it could go into a pony tail. Not cute at all people. The song from Dora the Explorer, "I'm an ugly old troll ♫ who lives under a bridge ♪..." was running through my head!

  • Then I most certainly didn’t decide rather than waste gas I really had no choice but to go to Meme’s school and deliver her lunch…"♪ Why me Lord, ♫ what did I ever do?..." now running through my head.

  • I didn’t enter the office of the school and feel the need to explain myself only to make myself look even more like a mother that was going home to eat bon-bon’s and/or possibly even do drugs, and watch soap opera's the entire day. I always look amazing, like I just stepped off the runway, or red carpet...
Am I alone? 
Maybe I should re-title this blog,
"Humbling Moments of my daily life."


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