Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Need Coffee!

No doubt about it, this morning is a coffee morning!  Not that every morning isn't for me, but, at 3’ o’ I don't know when this morning I woke up to Steve getting ready to leave to the airport to fly to a meeting in Portland. He informed me that one of his employees was on his way to our house…my body twitched,"Excuse may? I thought I heard you say OUR house?!" "Wait a minute, this morning!" Yes, this morning, to ride with him to the airport!

The thoughts that were running, no, sprinting through my head went something like this:

What if he has to use the bathroom, it’s not clean. What if he sits in the living room, there’s laundry on the coffee table! What if he needs a drink of water, there’s dishes in the sink. Oh no and if he just walks to the front door there’s muddy rubber boots everywhere! What if when he walks through the front door he looks up into the loft and see’s the sheet that the kids and Steve hung to play XBOX on using the projector! (GRRR)

Oh. My. Word. The garland! The un-decorated garland on the banister! I took off all the decorations, but haven’t taken down that danged garland! The stacks of Christmas decor waiting to be put back into storage...He’ll think Steve has the lamest decorator, worst housekeeper of a wife ever!

There I was having a slight panic attack and actually considering getting up and doing a quick cleaning spree at 3’o’ whatever clock in the morning! I realized that since it was a GUY coming over he probably wouldn’t have even noticed any of the things I was thinking of. But I was not in reality, it was 3’o’digity dang I don’t know what clock in the morning afterall…Torn, I rolled over and prayed he didn’t come in the house!

Luckily the guy couldn’t find out house right away which gave Steve time to be ready and meet him outside! Phew, thank you Lord!

Boy do I have some work to do today! Things have gotten a bit out of control…Do you ever let the sun go down on dirty house? Me either, I'm perfect and flawless!
Have an awesome day friends and remember the {GIVEAWAY} ends on Saturday, get your name in there if you haven't already!  Ya'll come back now...

Here's to you friends!  Mmmm...I ♥ coffee!


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