Friday, January 14, 2011

You Can Call Me Coach

So, my little Miss Abbie Dawn is going to play basketball this year (5th grade), she's very excited.  We went to the "tryouts" where everyone actually makes the team, but they have the girls run some drills and shoot some hoops, and dribble the ball. Anyhow, it was very cute! 
So I'm filling out the paperwork and come across that same ol' question on the bottom of the form, "Are you interested in coaching?"  Steve was joking and said, "hey Ape, you played basketball.  You should coach."  Ha!  Me?  HAHA!  I checked the NO box of course...Hello, me? A coach!?  Oh Mylanta I can't even imagine it...
~A few days later~
I'm in the kitchen, taking to Steve who's in the living room, "So, I haven't heard what team Abbie's going to be on yet.  I think she's really excited..." After a moment of silence I hear him say, "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that the guy in charge called me the other day and asked if I could coach." I reply, "Oh yeah?"  He continues, "Yeah, I told him I wasn't able to due to my schedule but that he should call you because you were a basketball player and you'd be a great coach." 

I pause to compose myself...
"Excuse may!?  You told him that I would what!? Do you know how long its been since I've played basketball, besides the time I tried playing for the city league and fouled out of almost every game trying to re-live my glory days!?" 

Well to make a long story shorter, sort of, the guy called, I caved and it looks like I'm coaching Abbie-Dab's team!  *SCREAM* Oh. My. Wordy-bird. What. Have. I. Got. Myself. Into?

I have no idea what I'm doing mind you, I mean do I have to wear like a sweat suit? Will this be me in a couple weeks?!

I guess I need to get a whistle, and a clipboard!  Oh, and a sweatsuit...Bahawhawhaw!
1st practice: "Okay girls, I have a big surprise for all of you.  I went ahead and took the liberty of getting you all the same basketball shoes.  What do ya think?"

Until next time my friends, ya'll come back now!

(Coach April that is♥ or should I go with Coach "A")


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