Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 14:

As you read this I am heading for the mountains to go hunting with my son, my husband, my dad and a lot of extended family♥
But...the show must go on:)

Day 14
Well, I hope you've found some good ideas from my little 31 Days of Organizing:)  I know I have been inspired for sure! 
I seem to be hung up on re-purposed, upcycled organizing.  I guess it's because for me, when I get ideas DIY or otherwise, I like it when I don't have to go out and buy hundreds of dollars worth of stuff just to get started.  Talk about a disappointment.  Plus, in today's economic state, we could all use to save a dollar here and there!
Here is a list of great ideas to re-purpose for organizing!
  1. Shoe boxes:  Oh the plethora of things you can do with a shoe box.  First of all, you can wrap the lid and bottom (separately of course) to look pretty.  Then label it and use it for whatevery you please!  Pictures, shoe polish kit, first aid kit, make-up, or to organize your ribbon!
  2.  Bank Check boxes! I love this idea!  I have so many of these dern things... They work great for drawer organizers! LOVE♥
  3. Old Tool Drawer: Who would have thought of this?!  (Another "DUH!" moment) using tool drawers for craft "tools." How cute is this!? (Idea stolen from
  4. Egg Cartons: Again the possibilities are endless with what you could use these for!  Christmas ornaments, jewelry, craft supplies...Use your imagination:)

5. Cereal Boxes: These can be made into a lot of different organizing tools!  The following are made from cereal boxes!  Love it!!

Have you re-purposed anything lately?  Do tell, and post on my facebook page, I would love to see your creations!! Happy Organizing, ya'll come back now:)

 ♥ April


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