Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Days 4 & 5 of 31 Days to Get Organized♥

AH!  I completely went to bed without posting last night!  I failed!  So, I'm sort of making up for it by making this a double post...Is that ok?

Day 4: Help!
This past weekend my brother was here with his kiddos, and they PLAYED!  My house was an absolute disaster area.  It looked like a bomb went off seriously!  I still haven't caught up with it all. 
If you are serious about getting organized and want to stay organized I suggest you make a visit to see the:

This website if F-U-L-L of incredible advice, tips and tricks. 
In fact I'm going to pay her a visit today too, because Mama needs some help getting this house under control again:)

FlyLady is the one who introduced me to the COZI calendar app. for my iPhone .  I had searched and searched for a calendar app. that wasn't expensive but had everything I needed, not just the days and months.  I love, love, love my COZI calendar! And it's FREE!!

Day 5: Keepin' it real

Do you have a junk drawer?  A closet you cram things in when company comes over? A small city named Crazy Town living under your bed?  I know I have some, if not all, of this goin' on in my house.  It just ends up happening, it is never "the plan." 
Today spend 15-20 minutes working on one of your problem areas in your home.  Maybe it's a stack of papers sitting on the counter? Or that junk drawer we spoke about:)  Here's some pictures of my desk that has looked like this since we moved here.

And here are those crazy drawers after I spent maybe 15 minutes organizing:

Ahhh...doesn't organization just make you breath easier!?
 I used glass candle holders that I had laying around to hold the paper clips and rubber bands.  I also used clothespins to hold papers together, etc.  Easy-peasy! 


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