Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Failure is Not an Option!

Days 17-18-19!
Okay, so I failed the 30 day challenge.  No, this isn't the first time during this challenge that I didn't post a day, but three whole days!  That is just ridiculous!
I thought I would be fine, but we were hunting and didn't end up getting home until last night, so really, it isn't my fault! 
"Failures are like finger posts on the road to achievement" C.S. Lewis
Day 17:
I hope all of you have been inspired so far...There are so many organizing tips n' tricks out there it can be a bit overwhelming really. 
  • The important thing is to find what works for you and your family and go with it.  
  • Once you find that "thing" that works, start creating a habit out of it. 
  • To keep up on the clutter, I try not to leave a room without something in my hand to put away, i.e. a dish, a pair of shoes, dirty clothes, etc. 
  • For most of us, there is that certain room in the house that gives you a sense of accomplishment when its clean.  If its clean, the whole house feels clean.  That room for me is the kitchen.  If its clean, I just feel less stressed♥
  • Make your bed everyday.  I don't know about you but, if I go in my room during the day and the beds not made, it makes me feel sort of depressed.  Making the bed gives me a sense of accomplishment.  It's one of the first things I do to kick start my day, then I drink coffee for a while *wink*!
Day 18: Meal Planning
Planning meals is something I did when I wasn't as busy as I am these days.  Which really doesn't make a lick of sense!  Hello!?  Planning weekly meals makes a huge difference, there is nothing worse than when around 5pm & your family is starting to get hungry, you go in the kitchen and think, "I have no idea what I'm going to make!"

 The Hillbilly Housewife is a great website to use in getting started with Menu Planning!  She also offers great recipe ideas, and tons of menu's according to your budget!  I ♥ the Hillbilly Housewife!

I found an adorable website, The Tip Chik, and she offers some great advice about menu planning...Definitely check it out!

Jenny, from So You Think You're Crafty, created this adorable MENU board, I ♥ it!

Happy Menu Planning! 
Day 19:Kids Rooms
We used to sing the song,
♫ Clean up ♪ Clean up♫ Every-body♪♫ Every-where♫ Clean up, clean up♫ Every-body do your share!♫
Well, as my kids got older, they no longer got excited when I started singing this song, and quite frankly, they really didn't want to hear me sing it!  However, they are still little messers, varmints even!
Kids need to know how to organize too, and it's important to start them out young. 
Here are 10 great "kids" organizing ideas!
  1. Organize their toys, book, and things from the ground up.  The things they use the most should go on the bottom shelves, and drawers.  This makes it easier for them to get it, and keeps the more fragile, and important things out of reach.
  2. Label their storage bins.  A great idea might be to have them draw a small picture of the items in the basket and use the picture as the label:) Teaching moments are everywhere!
  3. There are plenty of creative storage ideas for kids rooms: vintage soda crates on casters, old drawers for under the bed, baby wipes containers...The list goes on & on!
  4. Multi-pocket organizers on closet or bedroom doors to store just about anything little!  (I'm going to do this one for sure, my girls have tons of little trinkets that need a home♥)
  5. If they have room, school aged children love having their own little office space with all their craft, and homework supplies on hand:)
  6. Use any space you can for storage: under the bed, desk, closet, a bench with under the seat storage...Most parents know that you can't have too much storage for kids and their "stuff!" Especially if you have siblings sharing a room.   
  7. Clear containers are best for kids, so they aren't getting into everything looking for that special toy...
  8. Using curtains on bookcases is a good way to hide unsightly storage♥
  9. An over-the-door or wall mounted coat rack is also a great way to store things!  
  10. String wire or string from wall to wall to display kids artwork, they are always so proud♥ 
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"Timely advice is lovely, like golden apples in a silver basket." Proverbs 25:11


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