Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Write a Love Note

Happy Valentine's Day friends♥♥
For me the best gifts are those that are from the HEART
Some of my most treasured items are LOVEe notes.
I think having something tangible that we can hold and read over and over is so special.  It isn't like a conversation that we have to remember, where we forget exactly what was said...

I have kept this sweet little LOVE note in my bible for, well,15 years♥ Now I keep it on my nightstand...

He wrote this on a piece of our church bulletin and handed it to me during the service♥
It means so much to me, I look at it often and it never fails to make me smile and bring tears to my eyes. 
He is my true LOVE, and I will LOVE him forever back♥

Have you written a LOVE letter to your honey lately?
Today's the day!
Happy Valentine's Day!!


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