Friday, February 15, 2013

Shabby Apron Tutorial For Under $1

After my first Vintage Market, I realized as a vendor you really need to have a cute little apron...and cowboy boots,but that's another story completely.

So before the Funky Junk Sisters show, the night before to be exact, I made some aprons for me and my sweet helpers (Thank you Mom and Janine!). I had full intentions of sewing my own shabby aprons, but there just wasn't enough time!

I called up my hubby and asked him to pick me up some Home Depot utility aprons.  Would you believe they were under a $1!  They are perfect for gardening, baking, vendors, as an alternative to a fanny pack...well, not that last one unless you're AWESOME!


*Glue Gun
*Home Depot Utility Apron
*Scrap Fabrics

I got out my crappy trusty glue gun and scavenged through my material and went to town...

The possibilities are really up to you and your taste, be creative!  I think a ruffle on the bottom would make this apron perfect!♥
I had the glue and scraps so this project cost me less than $1!  


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