Friday, February 15, 2013

Be You

I just finished reading (a gal that I think is simply amazing, you may have heard of her) Miss Mustard Seed's recent blog post "Managing Crazy".  One thing she says in it is to not let other blogs make you feel like you are less than, like you're not as perfect as other bloggers, crafters, moms, wives, etc... Anywayyyyys, I definitely have felt this way at different times in my life and in my business. 

{My sign at the 2012 Barnstormer}

My first vintage market, The Barnstormer Vintage Fair, my hubby and I arrived to set up my booth and as I passed all the other AMAZING vendor's booths I felt like running away.  I felt embarrassed and totally illegitimate.  But diggity-dang it I had already paid my booth fee, so there was no backing out, otherwise my commitment phobia would have totally taken over and I would have ran the other way fo' sho!  

When the show opened up the next morning and people started pouring in, my heart was racing.  Then to my surprise, I was totally floored at all the compliments I received, some even made me tear up.  Before I knew it, I had sold out of almost everything in the first day, and we still had the entire next day to go!  My confidence was definitely boosted.  I was hooked!

{Pic by Lahna Marie . This was Day 2, down to slim pickin's}

My amazing Mama came to help me at the 2012 Barnstormer Fair and when she saw how nervous I was, and how I was feeling less than the other amazing vendors she said, 
"Just be yourself, everyone else is already taken."  
I totally thought she was the author of this quote and knowing my mom, she probably thought she was too!!  HAHA!  But, she actually stole it from Oscar Wilde...Love you mom.  


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