Monday, July 28, 2008

Is it Friday Yet?

My weekend project drags on...

I got a little ambitious on Saturday after hitting the best garage sale ever! I spent $10 altogether and I got a gold framed, heavy mirror, a big gold frame that I'm going to turn into a bulletin board, probably about 20 yards of fabric to use for some more mistreatments, a little shelf for the girls, a beautiful shabby chic candle holder for the girls and 3 heavy beautiful candle holders for me, oh, and one more things, I got a gorgeous milk glass vase. This all inspired me so I thought I'd take advantage of my girls being gone to my dad's house for the WEEK! What better time to finally,give their room a little makeover. So I went into the garage to see if we had any paint that I could use, because I'm so thrifty I like to use what I have before I actually have to go out and buy something. AAH-HA I did have some paint.

To work I went. When I walked in their room, I realized this was going to be a bigger job than I had originally thought. It was horrible. My girls are collectors of junk. I found everything from Barbie hair that had been cut to socks full of rocks with faces drawn on, or as they're otherwise known as "Rock Babies." I went through it all! Every nook and cranny. That alone took me a good 2 hours maybe more I'm not sure.

Here's Day 1, Oh yah I know how to keep it real! YIKES-O's!
As you can see I just piled everything on the beds, scary. I'm so ashamed....

It's hard to tell in this picture but the walls are an awful Blueberry Yogurt purple color. They came with the house. EEWW.

Day 1 ends with 2 walls complete.
I finished painting the whole room by Day 2 with some help from my brother who is a painter. He informed me that he could have easily sprayed it for me. Uhhh....could you have told me that yesterday!

So here we are Monday, the begining of the week, not the weekend and the project drags on. I now have to put everything in it's place. Which is what I'll show you tomorrow! Here's just a peek...Really it's the only part of the room I have almost finished, so it's all you get until tomorrow. Because I'm dead, dog, tired! It's just about time for me to hit the hay! HEHE!

I made these curtains today with some of the fabric that I got from the garage sale.

I'm not quite finished dressing these up, but aren't they cute!? The letters are actually glittery.
I'll hopefully finish tomorrow and be able to show you the finished product. Hopefully...See you then.


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