Sunday, July 13, 2008

This litte piggy went to market...

It’s incredibly hot today; at around noon I was out back picking up dog poop. Great thing to do in the heat of the day, NOT! Such a glamorous life I lead. My back yard is a shameful sight to see. It’s that part of the house that you close off when company comes over with a sign that reads, DO NOT ENTER! There are just so many other projects to get done in our 1937 cottage fixer-upper. One at a time, one at a time…

It’s amazing to me how many other bloggers have the exact same interests and taste as me. I love it! FRIENDS! I have to mention
. I found it yesterday and if you haven’t visited this page you must! This is where I’ve found so many of my new favorite blogs and I was even able to list my own blog. You can just click on the link which is on my page to your right and check it out!

On my to do list today was, "do a craft with the girls." and unlike yesterday when I was suppose to exercise and didn't, I actually accomplished this one! HURRAY!
As you can see we made piggy-banks. Here are the supplies that we used (the original craft idea taken from Disney’s Family Fun Crafts, calls for items that we didn’t have so we improvised):

· 2 small water bottles (pig bodies)
· Paper towel tube (pig feet)
· 1 piece of pink cardstock (pig ears)
· 6 buttons (4 small, 2 big) (nose, eyes)
· Pipe cleaner or ribbon (tail)
· Acrylic paints
· Hot glue gun or any glue
· Scissors

We first cut the paper towel tube into 4 for the feet of the pig. The girls painted these pink. Then they cut 2 triangles each out of pink cardstock for the ears. We folded the base of the triangles and used the hot glue gun to glue. We took the caps off of the water bottles and they painted those pink also. I glued on the button-eyes that they chose along with the ears as we waited for the painted things to dry. When the “feet” were dry we hot glued those on too! I took the caps and glued the big buttons on. They turned out pretty cute and super easy too!

WARNING: I found that (duh) the hot glue gun tends to melt the bottle a bit, but not too bad, just be careful. You probably thought of this already, unlike me, oh no I insist on learning things the hard way. Don’t forget to cut the slot in the top for the coins.

Great craft, the girls loved it! This is one that you can let them do most of the work on, minus the hot glue.
Well, have a wonderful week my dear and sweet new bloggin' buddies! Hope to talk with you soon, hey how 'bout tomorrow, doing anything? I'll be here blabbin', oh, I mean bloggin'. (I'm such a ham! Get it HAM. HA HA HA!) Tomorrow then...


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