Friday, July 11, 2008

MiniVan Land

Have you ever had one of those days that seem to never end. Not necessarily in a bad way just L-O-N-G! Today was one of those days for me…It was a good day, actually a really good day. You see, we’ve been looking at getting something more fuel efficient yet big enough for a family of five with two dogs. Our SUV was getting around 12 mpg’s (HOLY COW!) so we needed to do something soon. Well, Steve surprised me with a van today. Isn’t he so sweet! He’s amazing. I never in my right mind thought I’d be excited about a van let alone drive one. That’s for mom’s only, like real mom’s. Ha! Ha!
Let me tell you the van is awesome! It even has an awesome stereo systems that kinda thumps. TEE-HEE! Next thing you know I'll have hydrolics, there I'll be at the stop light the MINIVAN thumping music and moving up and down using my hydrolics. How funny would that be! I love it! My brother and his wife just got a van too and they put a sticker on the back that reads, “MOMMY MISSLE”. So I was thinking of something like, “CAUTION: DRIVER IS NOT YO AVERAGE MAMA”. What do ya think?

So yes, today was a good day. I’m almost thirty and I’m drivin’ a van, a mini-van. I’ll add some pictures of our van soon. I would love to hear some of your van stories; I know you got ‘em. Until next time my sweet friends in Minivan Land and beyond goodnight.


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