Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our Cottage

Hot! Hot! Hot! It’s a hot one today; there will be lots of swimming and popsicles. I have added some links to some of my favorite blogs, each of which I feel I have a kindred spirit with. I love meeting people who have the same interests and taste as me. I have so many! Too many maybe…I love to decorate using old things, giving them new meaning. My decorating style would have to be called eclectic because I incorporate so many different styles into my décor. If I were to give a recipe for my decorating style it would look something like this:
2 cups Cottage Style
1 cup Shabby Chic
1 cup Country
½ cup Nautical
¾ cup French Country
A dash of Traditional
Sift the first four ingredients together, fold in remaining ingredients. Bake for a lifetime. Serves a family of 5.
This picture was taken back in May, everything has grown a lot since then...
Our little “cottage” was built in 1937 and is 1250 square feet. This is small for a family of 5 with 2 big dogs, a cat and we used to have a guinea pig too, but he has since passed. But it is cozy, with the white picket fence and everything.
I certainly don’t have everything just as I want it. I’m always redecorating the house and planting more flowers. The back yard is atrocious! I will not even show pictures; the front yard is coming along. One thing at a time I guess. It’s hard to keep the grass green with this heat that we’ve had but I’m trying hard. So, here are some pictures of our home and the flowers that I love. I hope to start painting the walls inside soon, I’ll keep you posted…

This is a sign hanging on the gate that takes you into the front yard... Something we all should do more often don't ya think? This is our front porch...
My hanging strawberry basket, something different that I tried this year, Emelie loves it!
My beautiful yellow rose bush, I've used these in the house a lot this year.
This is a passion flower vine that I have in the corner of my yard, I didn't notice the bee when I was taking this picture...


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