Friday, July 18, 2008


Today has been one disaster after another! Here’s the story…

It all started last night really. Here’s the chain of events.

1. I woke up to find we were out of milk and pretty much everything else needed to survive. Note to self: go grocery shopping today.

2. My husband informed me that my in laws were coming over to stay the night tonight which meant that I had to wash all of the bedding and clean the house extra good, you know how it is.

3. My son is leaving tomorrow to stay at my dad’s for a week so I needed to make sure all of his laundry was finished and packed.

4. I received a call reminding me that my son had a doctor’s appointment scheduled first thing in the morning at 8:45am.

5. I then received a call from a friend asking if she could bring her son over while she got her hair done. “Sure, no problem, no, no we don’t have anything going on.”

6. The friend arrives.

7. My son’s other friend comes over to play, they go swimming. They get grass and dirt in the pool.

8. My husband comes home.

9. My friend comes back to pick up her son.

10. My husband says to me, “it’s not a problem if the boy’s both stay the night and you can take them home in the morning, is it?” (The glare is starting to be a permanent fixture on my face at this point.)

11. The boys can’t sleep in Austin’s room; I’m still getting it ready for the in-laws. (Austy’s room is also the guest room.)

12. The boy’s decide to have a campout in the backyard like the girls did the night before last.

13. We discover that the boy’s day swimming has, among other wonderful things, gotten the tent completely soaked inside, which includes the sleeping bags.

14. I have to dry each sleeping bag individually.

15. I realize I need to still clean the bathroom and there’s laundry still in the washer and oh my gosh I never went grocery shopping! What will we eat when the in-laws get here? When are they getting here anyway?

16. Oh! The sleeping bags, I take one out to the tent and put the other in the dryer.

17. Holy Crap, the appointment, am I actually taking 5 kids into the doctor’s office!?

18. I’m so tired…I take the other sleeping bag out to the boys, give them the run down of the rules and say goodnight.

19. Brush teeth, take out contacts, kiss girls goodnight and say prayers with them, go to bed.

The next morning (Today) Steve leaves for work before the sunrises…

1. Wake up at 6:30 am.

2. Feed dogs

3. Make coffee

4. Wake boys

5. Wake girls

6. NOOO! I forgot we have no milk for something simple such as CEREAL.

7. I make eggs and toast for all five children.

8. One of the boys goes home, hurray only 4 kids to the doctor’s office.

9. When are my in-laws getting here?

10. I have to go, I have to leave the morning dishes, the laundry unfolded on the chair, the floor filled with dog hair, the flowers and lawn unwatered. I have to go or we’ll be late.

11. When doc appointment was over, I remembered I had to take the VAN into have a DEQ test so we could get it licensed.

12. I make it home and start mad cleaning the house when my father-in-law calls to tell me that they’re about 10 minutes away!!!

13. Sweep, sweep, sweep. Take the unfolded clothes to my bedroom and close door, wipe down the bathroom, start dishes. Oh no, Oh no, Oh no!

14. “Hey guys, I’m so glad you made it! How was your trip?”

15. Hey I have an idea, “Let’s take the new van and get Steve for lunch!”

16. Everyone gets in the van, ut oh! It won’t start.

17. In my frenzy I apparently left the keys in the van in the “on” position.

18. After an hour of trying to jump start the van we realize that I need to go and buy a new battery.

19. We get a new battery and meet Steve for lunch.

20. We take Austy’s friend home, go to a local farm and buy some produce for dinner.

21. We make it home and find Steve home from work.

22. We eat dinner.

23. Steve decides to take this opportunity to fix the mess that the boys made in the pool and empty it to start over.


25. Okay it’s starting to smell.

26. Oh my goodness it smells like a pig farm!

27. EEEWWW! Some of the dirt that was used under the pool was compost and it smells to high heaven! The flies are actually swarming like in that movie THE BIRDS except FLIES!

28. I start watering the front yard.

29. Steve comes in from the Pig Farm he found and is trying to clean up to inform me that the sprinkler is causing the siding on the house to bubble! I reply, “Okay honey just let me know if there’s anything else!”

30. We are sitting down, FINALLY, to relax. Steve gets on the computer to check out the news only to find that the wire that charges our laptop is going bad, so it’s only charging some of the time. AWESOME!

That’s pretty much my day summed up for you. I forgot to mention we’re going to Steve’s uncle’s funeral tomorrow. Good Times, good times are here I tell you! I need an Oreo! Ha!


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