Monday, July 21, 2008

Dishwashers, Oreo's and Eating right

I have been browsing a lot of blogs today. There are so many good ones! I found a new favorite today…We are THAT Family. Love it! Its nice knowing I’m not the only one who feels sometimes, if not most times, like I’m being PUNK’D.

My husband is my hero; he brought me home a brand new dishwasher and hooked it all up for me today! I have been without a dishwasher for over 6 months now. I’m not going to know what to do with myself! I’m doin’ the dishwasher dance right now, come on do it with me..I’m doin’ the dance, I’m doin’ the dance!

In one month I’ll be turning the big 3-0! So I thought I’d use that last month in my 20's to start eating better!
Today is Day One of eating right! I’m changing my eating habits TO-DAY! A couple of years ago I stopped eating sugar, dairy and red meat completely and I never felt better inside and out! I kept it up almost a year and then Christmas came around. We were heading to a fancy-pants Christmas party and my mom says, “Honey you can cheat sometimes, let loose, have a little fun.” Sabotage! It was all downhill from there, a bag of chocolate here, a dozen cookies there and I gained the 10 pounds that I had lost right back! GRRR… Oh, my bad! I thought the whole thing of OREO's was one serving.

I’m weak; I can talk myself right back into eating junk, a lot of it. I’m changing that today, you all are my witnesses. Well at least the six or so of you that actually read this blog. I’ve done pretty good so far. I haven’t cheated, that’s HUGE. For the next week I’m in what they call PHASE I, very strict. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. Hopefully. Wish me luck. I wish we could all meet to walk and then go for coffee, wouldn’t that be nice.


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