Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Checking In!

I'm having blogging withdrawals, but I'm out of town, so I thought I'd better check in and let all my girly girls know that I'm still part of the gang! Well, I am right? I'm taking tons of blogging opportunity pictures, of course, so I'll have a lot to talk about when I get home tomorrow night. I had to come back up to my mom's to get my girls, who don't want to come home by the way. They've been having too much fun, it's hard to compare with baseball games, swimming at the pool with water slides, ropes and high dives. I left my sweet boy's at home to fend for themselves. I hope their okay:) Canned beans and mac and cheese can't kill 'em, right...? Oh my word I hope they've been watering my flowers, I gotta call first thing tomorrow morning. Great. Now I'm worried.

So tomorrow evening I'll be a postin'. For now I thought I'd better check in. I'll be home right in time for 'Fro me to You, hurray another disaster story for you to know about me:) Just keepin' it real, that's what I do best.


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