Thursday, August 14, 2008


I've been having one of those, do I clean inside or garden, mow and clean up outside kinda days. You see if I choose inside then the outside stands neglected. So of course if I choose outside the inside stays UNCLEAN!

I just got home last night from being gone almost a week. Austy and Steve were left here, ALONE. I'm sure you can imagine the mess that I walked into. It was a total bachelor pad. I don't think the majority of men have the ability to see what we women see when it comes to cleaning and what needs to be done. Maybe it's that they can stand it dirty a lot longer than me? When the dishes are crawling away? Really I can't blame them. I was gone, they need me:)

My Steve worked the whole time so I can't very well blame him and I couldn't expect that my son would clean the house.

I walked in, looked around, smelled the smells (wanting to hold my nose) and tried my darnedest not to make Steve feel bad with my reaction to the sty. Then, I walked into the laundry room, where I promise I left NO laundry to be done, and feasted my eyes on a mountain of laundry! GRRR!
I gasped and said, out loud in an annoyed overwhelmed tone, "Oh my word, when I left there was no laundry." Bad choice to say that at loud. Sorry Honey...I just felt so overwhelmed and frustrated.

I apologized and did a power clean, sprayed some pretty smells around the house and felt much better. I really need to work on my body language and stop what I think out loud I do this way too often. It's so good to be home with the whole fandamily! I even brought my little sister back with us, she's 9. I better get to work. I have so much more to do, it's my lot in life. I really do love it!


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