Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer's End, Fall and San Francisco

Summer is drawing to an end...ALREADY?! I smell it in the air, I see it in the sky, I even saw some maple trees on my street starting to turn. I can't believe it's that time of year, again. It's all in the stores, things for Thanksgiving and Holloween, I even have been seeing Christmas decor. I can't believe it. It came so fast. I feel like it was only yesterday that school got out. Now here we are getting ready to start it up again.
I actually love the Fall. It's one of my top 4 favorite seasons. HAHAHA! No really I love the Fall. I love the warm feeling in Fall, eating soup, taking a hot bath and reading a book (that's what I do anyway...,) crock-pot meals. My list could continue because really I do love Fall.
Just not already. It seems that our summer is only just now finally here. God's timing is perfect, God's timing is perfect...
The past two days have been nice at first, giving me false hope, because then in the afternoon right in time for Austin's football practice (SIDENOTE: which there's a story in and of itself, meant for another post altogether. TidBit: Crazy, out of control mom who is extremely abusive towards her 5 children. It's not good at all, HOLD ME BACK! I may be put in jail before it's all said and done. ) it's been freezing cold and raining! Friday it's suppose to get up to around 93' so that's good. I guess we won't take the pool down yet. But it will be soon I fear, very soon.
My moods, and mental state overall really seem to be determined by the weather. This last winter I went into a sort of way too much wet rain depression. I actually gained, well, let's just say more weight then I should have in such a short amount of time. It was horrible. I am vowing to not do that this year! Ridiculous. I need one of those ultraviolet lights, you know the ones that people who live Alaska use. At least I've seen them use them on TV. I definitely need something like that. I have a random question for you: Do you call it Fall or Autumn?
Only two days until I'm 30. Holy Caloly, crapoly! No big deal. I'm good. Really, no, I'm fine...I mean, it's just a number, right?
My mom called a couple of days ago and said that she wanted to take me to San Francisco as a gift for my birthday! My sweet,sweet husband is staying home with the kiddo's and I get to go and have a 3 day girly-girl's during-the-week weekend!
I'm so excited! I've never been there and you know I'll be coming home with tons of blogging material and pictures to share with you! I can't wait. We leave first thing Monday morning. "If you're going to San Fran-cisco, be sure to wear flowers in your hair." You know the song, sing along with me...Lalalala! la! la! la! lala!


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