Thursday, October 30, 2008

'Fro Me to You!

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So today's 'fro me to you is my sweet girl. This was Halloween 2003 and it actually is in the scrapbook, sorry mad or not she's too darn cute!

It's title:

Mad Cow

For she clearly is a "Mad Cow" :)

Seriously people even when she's mad I could smooch her little chubby dub face, and pinch her cheeky's!

Then there is this dear sister oh uh, brother who, as you know, I love dearly. Well, last year he showed up in this...Wait for it...Ahem...

Yes my friends what you are seeing is a pregnant nun...who smokes and has tattoo's

More than scary this is just wrong! Can you say White Trash!?

But I love him:) Admit it, we all have a little white trash in us somewhere....Right?!


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