Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I've never done one of these, so I'm so excited! Head over to MyCharmingKids and join the fun!

Here are the things that I did not do this week:

  1. I did not call in sick Friday when I wasn't sick at all.
  2. I did not, more than once, burn something I was cooking because I forgot about it due to blogging.
  3. I did not just boil almost all the water away that I was going to use for, RAMEN, due to blogging.
  4. I am not making ramen for me and the girls tonight for dinner. I make healthy stuff at all times people!
  5. I did not eat a box of Malt Balls last night at the movies.
  6. My husband did not get attacked by a cougar yesterday morning while hunting elk.
  7. I did not sleep in till 9 am on Saturday and then watch reality tv until almost 11 am.
  8. I did not pick the ironing board up to iron and then set it back down because I'm too lazy. Hello! I love ironing for hours on end because that's what it would take for me to actually catch up.
  9. I did not have like 4 huge cups of hot chocolate this morning because I'm out of coffee and I needed a fix.
  10. I did not drive to 7 eleven before work, 3 out of the 4 days I went to work last week, to buy the cheap, sugary, cappuccino out of the machine.
  11. I did not bake cookies 4 times last week and eat way more than I'd ever admit.
  12. I did not bake brownies this afternoon and eat, well, a lot of them already.
  13. I do not look forward for the kids to go to bed so I can eat more brownies in private.
  14. I did not yell out, "IDIOT" to more than one driver because I think I drive better than everyone in this town and they were in my way.
  15. I did not honk at an idiot driver who was shamelessly waiting for an apparent ghost driver to pull out of their spot so he could park there.
  16. I did not glare at the uppity mom, who constantly parks in teacher parking leaving me no place to park, when I passed by her this morning.
  17. Aunt Flo did not surprisingly pop on in this morning before work.
  18. I am not using her visit as an excuse for all of the above.


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