Sunday, October 26, 2008

Not Me Monday

  • I did not eat brownies until I was sick last Monday night after blogging about it, remember...I ONLY eat healthy.

  • I did not say, "I wanted to stab..." (jokingly, of course) when referring to someone who irritated me more than once this week.

  • That phrase is not becoming a bad habit, because I have none.

  • My son's football did not end :(

  • I have not thought twice before blogging about half of the stuff that I did not do this week due to embarrassment and shame.

  • My daughter's rat did not die this week..."Mommy the rat isn't moving. He's just laying there. I think he's dead!" was what Meme did not say.

  • I did not leave the dead rat in the cage until Steve got home because I am totally not grossed out when touching dead things. I'm brave.

  • I did not forget about my daughter's field trip that I promised to go on.

  • Thankfully, she did not remind me the night before.

  • My husband did not get irritated with me because I was bossily giving directions while we were driving to our son's end of football season pizza party.

  • Back seat driving is not yet another one of my bad habits because I do not have bad habits. Remember?

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