Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday...Worth it?

Is it really worth it all? The pushing, the shoving, the cursing, the ugly looks, the bed head, bumper to bumper traffic, searching for a parking place and doing anything that it takes to get one...(I'm outta breath!) I'd say the verdict would be a big giant YES! with the traffic that I experienced at 5:40 A.M. this morning. Every year I say that I'll probably never go again, yet I always end up changing my mind the night before.

Let me tell you folks, these people are Serious Business. They have their ads in hand without smiles on their faces, they know exactly what they're after and they'll race you, fight you, and even ram you with their cart in order to get to it before you do. I've seen it happen. I saw it happen this morning. I even got in on the action, it's kinda like being at a hockey game, I'm not quite sure what's going on, or what the rules are but I'm yelling and screaming with the best of 'em.

A couple of times while I was trying to steer through the crowds at Wal-Mart, a few folks tried to steer past me, I had to throw down. "Back off buddy, I'm trying to get through just like you!" and "Don't even try it Mr." Yeah, I said these things and I said even more inside my car while in traffic. I'm not proud of the fact that I have road rage, and possibly a slight case of turrets...Turns out I got nadda from Wally-Marte'! Too crazy for this gal, I don't need anything that bad!

Was it worth it...I kind of enjoyed it, although I only bought a few things. I did purchase 4 MP3 players for $9.99 each! And some boots with the fur for myself for 60% off! Got myself some scented pine cones and few Christmas ornaments from JoAnn fabric for 60% + an additional 20% off! Overall I feel that I got some good steals. How 'bout you?


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