Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm a Little Bit Country

Because I'm busy, busy with chores here's a few (yes, there's more) strange, back woods facts about me:

  • In grade school my BIG plan was to get a tractor, paint it Hot Pink, and drive it to California so I could live on the beach, get a tan, and be a valley girl. You don't have to have a license to drive a tractor ya know!

  • We had a goat once, Daisy, that tried to ram her way through our front window of our house. SCARY! The real scary part is I think she was just ticked off for some reason.

  • Shortly after, Daisy became a meal for a nice Mexican family. Sorry if this offends you...the goat was evil...they said it was the best goat they'd ever eaten...they offered us some...but I had to draw the line.

  • I've been chased by wild, free range cows way up in the mountains.

  • I thought I was actually going to die that day.

  • I still have a bit of a fear of cows....

  • During the time I was dreaming of a Hot Pink tractor we were hauling our horse in the back of my dad's red International pickup. What? That's normal...He built real sturdy sides for it. (Beverly Hillbillies Music)


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