Wednesday, November 12, 2008

'Fro Me To You

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Hmmm....I love 'Fro Me To You posts, but I haven't decided what to gift you with this week:) Hemmmm...

Got it! All I have to say is if I'm goin' down, my family's goin' with me:)

It seems that we always have a wig lyin' around. Therefore, when the fam-damily gets together, we put it on and take pictures...I HATE this picture of me, HATE HATE! I'm winterized. You know palish-sickish looking. EEWW! So thank you family for joining me in this embarrassing 'fro moment...

Just EEEW! I look like one of the golden girls, but so does...

My Mama! That's right girl, I went there! (She's going to kill me!)
I'm not sure where Sean's eyes went (it seems to be a side effect of the wig see my mom's picture above...) in this one, but hot dog he looks good! A little like a mullet.Hey! What's up hot thang? You married? What's yo name big Daddy? (hehe!) WOW!
Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my our shame.
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